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4 Disk Clean Gold 5.5

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4DiskClean Gold 5.5. My friend said it may very helpful to clean cluttered hard disk and so I am going to try touse and compare with other utilities may not be.

Tune Up Your Computer with SecureClean The Problem Your personal data may be available to prying eyes without you even knowing it. Most programs keep temporary or cached data and files that can contain personal documents, browsing histories, passwords, web images, online banking information, deleted emails, and old instant messages. Even if you 'delete' this data, it can still be recovered using freely-available tools. Not only does this put your personal data at risk, but these extra files can cause system bloat and clutter up your computer causing system performance issues. You need a way to securely find and delete this data so it can never be recovered, not just once, but regularly.

4 disk clean gold

The Solution SecureClean allows you to permanently erase temporary, cached, and 'deleted' files on a regular schedule. Clean files one time or schedule SecureClean to automatically clean your files on a daily or weekly basis. You'll no longer have to worry about hidden data being compromised. SecureClean uses government-grade wiping technology that ensures your data can NEVER be recovered, even with the most sophisticated tools. By deleting these files, not only will you have peace of mind, but your computer will run more smoothly and keep from bogging down. Is Your Data Really Erased?

Did you know when you delete your files, the data isn't really gone? Even if you empty your recycle bin, the files can still be easily recovered with freely-available tools. SecureClean ensures your data is securely and permanently erased making any recovery impossible. Check out the chart below to see if your data is really gone. Deleted file Emptied recycle bin Cleared browser cache, internet history and search terms Formatted hard drive Repartitioned hard drive Erased with SecureClean How Can I Use SecureClean?. Automatically erase your personal data on a daily or weekly basis. Keep your internet activities safe from prying eyes.


Securely erase browsing histories, internet images, and internet caches. Securely erase personal info, financial info, passwords, and other sensitive data. Securely erase private emails and instant messages.

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Securely erase documents and other personal files. PC Optimization Software that Keeps Your Data Safe Keep Your Personal Data Secure SecureClean will completely erase unused files and information filled out via internet forms including:. Personally identifying information.

Credit card information. Online banking information.

Deleted email messages. Browsing history. Cached internet images and files.