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Anker Gaming Mouse 2000dpi Software

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Anker Driver

Sentey® Aphelion Gaming Mouse GS-3520 / 3400 Dpi / Best Ergonomic / Sensor 12,000 FPS / 7 Buttons + 1 DPI Selector / 4 DPI Levels / 3d Wheel / Software. Ergonomic mouse review of Anker TM1. G ergonomic vertical mouse at an affordable pricea “not- for- profit” product review in support of computer RSI sufferers.

Buggy software that crashes every time you change a setting. After a couple of days the wheel now squeaks periodically. Edit: Manufacturer read review shortly after I posted the original.

Anchor Mouse Software

They contacted me and sent s replacement that arrived within 2 days and so far is working great. Before connecting the new mouse I disconnected the squeaky one, uninstalled the driver package, rebooted, reinstalled and rebooted again then plugged in the new mouse. Software no longer crashing and I am able to adjust all the settings for the mouse. I have changed the original rating from a 3 to a 5 (sometimes you get a bad one), thanks Sunnie @ AnkerDirect for the support!

I haven't used this and probably never will. My son, however, hasn't let this little beauty out of his sight since he first laid eyes on it on Christmas Eve. As a PC gamer, my youngest son has something of specialized requirements for what he considers big-time gaming.

I'm not sure if it really is the big time, but I know he's been whining about his mouse for a while and this seemed to nip that right in the, well, not bud because it's been going on for a while, but definitely stopped in its tracks. We worked together to install the mouse on his computer and I was astonished by all it could do. We were able to chain together various actions into macros that would be useful in the games and could be launched at the touch of a button. Well, at the touch of seven buttons. With five user profiles available, he's able to program macros for a number of different games and still not have to go back and reprogram to use it again. All in all, this was worth the money, if only to watch the smile on my son's face as he first used it to blast some zombie sorts of things.