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Arduino Airsoft Bomb Code

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An Arduino based bomb prop for airsoft games Read the whole description before asking. Link to the program code: Bear in mind that it is supposed to use the LCD shield with buttons that you can buy almost everywhere. It uses the kind of button system that uses a voltage divider and one single analog pin. Just use the shield. It's unbeatably cheap anyways.

Airsoft Guns

Arduino Airsoft time bomb. Take a look at the video to see it at work. Find this and other hardware projects on


Airsoft Bomb


The rest of the circuit is self explanatory once you look at the code. Ellas llegan primero descargar pdf creator. Also, the speaker is hooked in parallel with the LED via a capacitor!

The code lock and pin patch panel is completely stand alone from the bomb prop itself, so it can be used without the lock.

  • Hello, everyone, I am looking to make a bomb like in Call of duty search and destroy or in Counter Strike, but my code for when I am defusing the.
  • Hello Youtube friends finally a new video I will show you how to make a bomb with arduino for airsoft please do not forget to subscribe and if you like do.