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Cnc Flashcut Software

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FlashCut is a CNC machine control software designed to operate within the highest precision standards.

Same here nobody really talks about them much anymore. Torchmate uses flashcut for their electronics and 8020 for the aluminum for their cnc plasma tables.

I dont know how many different configurations they have but I think they offer 1/2 step for steppers and some servo stuff. The thing about flashcut is that it is seriously outdated. You can use USA made Gecko drives and get much better results than flashcut for half the price. You can find very nicely laid out cnc kits on ebay or build your own or go to and check out the servo stuff. Their are alot of places to buy low backlash gear drive that bolt on and you can get your machine to more in very small increments if needed.

  • Software solution for one cutting machine, equipped for either conventional plasma or oxy-fuel cutting systems; a nesting software choice for your PlateFab.
  • FlashCut CNC is proud to introduce our new integrated Torch Height Control (THC) and CAD/CAM for the CNC plasma cutting market.

In the words of Mark Twain, “The reports of our death are greatly exaggerated!” As one of the principals of FlashCut I can say that we are not only not dead, but very productively alive! We have many thousands of extremely happy customers and given that 2010 was our largest growth year yet, we plan on being around for many years to come. We are a USA based company that prides itself in top notch in-house engineering, domestic manufacturing and the best support in the business. Not only was 2010 our highest growth for sales, but we also engineered and released more new products than any other year in our 15 year history. Although they are not on our website yet, we have been shipping them for a few months now.

We will announce them all on our website by the end of January 2011. Two of these new products includes our Pro-Series microstepping and servo controllers. Either of which will do an excellent job of upgrading an older Bandit, Boss, Anilam or any other 'Bridgeport' type control. Given this, I am confident it will work great replacing the Bandit control on your SHIZUOKA CNC Mill. Even though we have many systems in the Twin Cities, unfortunately, we do not have record of someone in the Twin Cities that has done this exact thing.

We do however, have other customers in other parts of the US that have recently done a Bridgeport retrofit with our latest controls. I am sure they would be happy to talk to you about their experience with FlashCut. Please contact us and we will put you in contact with them. Best regards, Ron Worth Principal FlashCut CNC. I switched to FlashCut last year after having numerous problems with Mach. I was a bit skeptic of FlashCut, especially since there isn't much on the numerous forums and what is there is old.

I made the jump and I can say that it works great. I did have a few problems and Ron at FlashCut spent as much time as needed to help me fix my problem, even if it wasn't a FlashCut problem. I did not buy a full setup from them, I already had Geckos and simply bought their controller and control software. For me FlashCut had enough of the 'Windows' look without all of the extra BS that is in Mach. Another advantage is Flashcut will run on any Windows platform and uses USB. I think Question Boy said it best, it's not talked about because it works.

FlashCut also offers a money back gaurantee. Dell d630 dell d630 xentry 11.2013.

Going from CAD to CAM to CNC has never been easier. With improved nesting features like multi-sheet and external file management, FlashCut V7 CAD/CAM/CNC is more powerful than ever. We now have two packages to choose from. V7 standard makes it easy to draw a part or import it from DXF or an image and then turn it into a tool path with intelligently placed lead ins and the perfect kerf compensation.

Ready to cut in CNC. V7 Pro adds many features such as shape library, true shape nesting, multi-sheet nesting, multi-layer color import, auto fix tool, advanced lead-in manipulation, rip cutting and many more features for a fraction of the cost that you normally see included in a $10,000 software program. Precision Pipe Cutting Drawing and cutting pipes has never been easier. FlashCut Pipe CAD/CAM/CNC lets you design a pipe parametrically, automatically create the toolpath and control your machine to make precision pipe parts, round, square or rectangular, day after day. Andvanced Features We also have advanced features such as direct communication with a Hypertherm® plasma and laser pointer support that are available a-la-carte. The Features tab is a complete list of features.

Call 847-940-9305 or e-mail today for a demo. Part Number Product Title Description Photo FlashCut CAD/CAM Versoin 7.0 Pro featuring full integration with FlashCut CNC Control Software.

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Cnc Flashcut Software

Includes intuitive drawing tools, true type fonts, DXF import, image import, automatic toolpath generation with smart lead-ins and lead-outs, automatic kerf compensaiotn based on integrated cut charts for many common plasma torches, oxy-fuel torches and waterjets. The Pro version additionally adds a true-shape nesting, parametric shape library, color image import wiht layering, intuitive fix tool, toolpath bridging, DXF export, multi-sheet and partial sheet nesting, nesting of external files, corner looping and many other features.

Easily Draw Accurate Pipe Features in CAD. Round, square and rectangular pipe support. Pipe shape wizard makes perfect cuts for mating pipes of any diameter with a multitude of joints at any angle and any size including T joints, end caps, miter joints, Y joints and through pipes. Pipe sizing wizard automatically sets OD, and thickness of standard pipe sizes.


3D solid model of pipe joints includes disassembly to preview what both sides of the joint will look like. Flattened view allows for easy design of custom patters of any shape including slots and text. “Ghost 2D views” show feature wrapping with no interruption. Fully rotatable solid model view. Tailor Toolpaths and Nest in a Snap with CAM. Easily nest multiples of the same or different parts, minimizing pipe or tube scrap.

Toolpath automatically generated in CAM using parameters and cut charts from cutting head. Simple graphical manipulation of lead ins and lead outs. Embedded cut charts precisely set feedrates, cut heights, peirce times, kerf compensation and target voltages for any size pipe. Cut Accurate Parts With Confidence in CNC.

G-Code automatically generated. Full 3D visualization of rotary toolpath in CNC module while pipe is being cut. Flat sheet option for cutting unwrapped pipes and tubes.

No-Cut zones account for chuck, fixture and roller locations – preventing roller burning or jamming. Stingray Torch Height Control ensures clean cuts regardless of the accuracy of the stock pipe. Version 7.0 Shapes Up With Powerful New Features Our extensive shape library is only one of the many powerful new features that make FlashCut Version 6 more versatile than ever. Version 6 is available in two packages – Pro and Standard. Plus there are more advanced features beyond the Pro Package that are available a-la-carte and any of the Pro Package features can be added to a Standard Package a-la-carte. Below is a chart that summarizes these features.

Flashcut Cnc Software Cost

Call or e-mail us today to find out more.