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Compix Character Generator Manual

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The World's Easiest Way to Create Beautiful Broadcast Graphics Compix Broadcast Graphics are high performance PC based broadcast systems that generate static or animated characters and graphics into or over a video stream in real time. Also commonly referred to as character generators (CGs), Compix broadcast graphics are used in over 100 countries by, and to generate their creative identity. Compix believes in standing behind every product we make and supporting every one of our customers.

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Compix Character Generator ManualGenerator


Compix Character Generator Manual

About Us

Since 1986, our experience in designing ONLY broadcast graphics guarantees our systems will give you rock solid performance for years to come.

  • Compix Operators Manual. Accuracy of this manual. However, Compix Media, Inc. Makes no warranties with. Interface To open the character generator.
  • Compix Media Compact HD Character Generator. Allied Broadcast Group is a full line dealer of professional video production equipment.