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Debian Install German Locales

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After a new install of Linux Mint Debian Edition I have some words unlocalized to my native language: most in Czech, some words in English. Whenever I've installed Ubuntu/Linux Mint this always happened, but then I just clicked on 'language center' and it automaticilly asked me if I want to install the remaining language packages. (this is a an ubuntu screen, but it was almost the same thing on Linux Mint) However, on the new Linux Mint Debian Edition (with MATE) I cannot find that language support window. It's not in the Control Panel. How can I install the remaining packages? The easiest thing to do would be to open Synaptic, the package manager ( sudo synaptic) and search for 'Czech'.

How to install german character set windows 10

How to change the language of your Debian system. You may also need to reconfigure your locales. (for german 'de'utschland): apt-get install kde-l10n-de. Install debconf (i.e. Run apt-get update then apt-get install debconf, as root) Run dpkg-reconfigure locales as root; The Hard Way. Edit /etc/locale.gen as root. If /etc/locale.gen does not exist, create it. An example /etc/locale.gen is below. Run /usr/sbin/locale-gen as root; A sample /etc/locale.gen # This file lists locales that you wish to have built.

HowDebian Install German Locales

Debian Install Package

You can do the same thing from the command line (which is easier to post here) as follows: sudo apt-cache search czech The last command returns a list of 59 packages on my system, the ones you need are: task-czech - Czech environment task-czech-desktop - Czech desktop Thise should fix your desktop.