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Unheard of at the time, ‘Delta Force’ boasted large expansive outdoor environments which allowed you to approach your objective from any angle possible and snipe enemies from miles away. Missions were fun and challenging, with death looming around every corner. With the addition of fun multiplayer modes, ‘Delta Force’ proved to the world that. Like I mentioned before, the game was pretty ropey and hardly a looker. Despite this, so something has to be said for a title not catering to advanced technology. With a game like ‘Delta Force’ pretty revolutionary back then, expansive landscapes and open­world gameplay is all the rage these days.

Delta Force 1 Game! File Size: 173MB System Requirements! Cpu: 1.0 Ghz Ram: 128 MB Video Memory: 32 MB Windows Xp,7,Vista Total Overdose Game Delta Force 2 Game.

As enjoyable large games can be, there’s a fine line between focused gameplay and a cluttered mess that represents a toddler’s Lego box. So like a wanderer lost in this endless desert of bland “open­world” shooters, it’s time to get a sieve out and filter out the crap to find more games like ‘Delta Force’. ‘Delta Force’ hasn’t aged well as it was hardly a looker when it first appeared. Novalogic attempted to address this issue with a remake simply titled ‘Delta Force Xtreme’ that certainly brushes up on the much-needed visual department, but fails to make any other major alterations. If you’ve played ‘Delta Force’ back in the day, then you’ll be overjoyed to know that each level has been. Apart from adding vehicles and new weapons to the mix, nothing else has really been altered for the better.

Those looking for a shooting game with modern day mechanics might be disappointed by this one, but those who simply can’t get enough of good old ‘Delta Force’ – what are you waiting for? Any self-respecting ‘Delta Force’ fan should have owned ‘ARMA: Cold War Assault’ at one point or another. It features a much larger scope of gameplay that involves massive armies fighting with troops, land vehicles and aircraft over a massive open world island.

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With such large open maps, you’ll generally be shooting at tiny pixels on the horizon and adjust your weapon sights to compensate for bullet drop. Similarly, combat is fast and brutal, with only a few shots requiring to kill anyone, including you. Any ‘Delta Force’ veteran trying out ‘ARMA: Cold War Assault’ for the first time will feel right at home here. ‘ARMA: Cold War Assault’ fancies itself as a hardcore military simulator, and carries a high degree of complexity with it. Clunky controls, a whopping amount of keybindings and very unforgiving gameplay results in a fairly steep learning curve.

‘Delta Force’ on the other hand is very simple in comparison and can be picked up and played with minimal fuss. Every gameplay aspect featured in ‘Delta Force’ is replicated in ‘ARMA 3’ ten times over. Large maps?

Try a in ‘ARMA 3’. Realistic military equipment? Gloss over the. No tanks to ride? ‘ARMA 3’ offers up a staggering amount of freedom and customisation when it comes to gameplay and it’s simply too much to compare to little old ‘Delta Force’ which is extremely small in comparison. Having said that, size isn’t everything. ‘ARMA 3’ is extremely complicated, boasting more key commands than keyboard buttons and unforgiving gameplay.

Not everyone has time to learn military jargon, so for those that like it simple, ‘Delta Force’ will outshine ‘ARMA 3’ any day. Running along the same military theme as ‘Delta Force’, ‘Battlefield 2’ chucks in large scale warfare with a strong focus on multiplayer. Unlike ‘Delta Force’ you’ll be battling alongside large groups of players or AI bots utilising both land vehicles and aircraft. Taking over checkpoints will see you winning the battle as opposed to having the highest kills, placing an emphasis on dominating the map.

‘Battlefield 2’ is primarily designed as a multiplayer game, so the campaign is weaker compared to ‘Delta Force’ and is little more than a handful of simple skirmishes against AI bots. Another title focusing on the theme of special forces, here in ‘IGI 2’ you play an SAS soldier named David Jones infiltrating enemy compounds and escaping in one piece. This time you’ll be operating alone and with a few sneaky tricks up your sleeve. ‘Delta Force’ had a handful of weak stealth missions, clearly designed for players used to shooting everything in sight. ‘IGI 2’ offers up the same approach, but encourages players to use stealth as a means to success. With a, gamers looking to sneak their way in as opposed to engaging in heavy firefights should check out this title.

With both games being fairly similar, ‘IGI 2’ sadly also shares a number of bugs that hampered scores in reviews. Whilst I don’t recall the game ever reaching the popularity of ‘Delta Force’ I would highly recommend it as a worthy title to settle next to ‘Delta Force’. Fancy something a little more condensed than ‘Delta Force’ but still offering similar tactical gameplay, more so perhaps? Then look no further than ‘Rainbow Six’, a comparable franchise of tactical shooters. A similar military themed shooter focusing on Special Forces, the vast open outdoor areas of ‘Delta Force’ are swapped for claustrophobic interiors here in ‘Rogue Spear’. In contrast to ‘Delta Force’s’ somewhat arcadey gameplay, ‘Rogue Spear’ has your movement affecting your weapon accuracy, plus you can die from a single shot.

‘Rogue Spear’ requires players to be adept at pre­planning a mission as well as fighting in one. You’ll need to select a handful of soldiers to take with you on each level, deciding what guns and equipment they will carry, and plan out waypoints and orders for them to follow. With ‘Delta Force’ all about letting players straight into the action, ‘Rogue Spear’ is more about. With both games released at a similar time, I didn’t really need to play anything else. If I wanted to snipe bad guys several hundred metres away I’d play ‘Delta Force’ and when I wanted to engage in close quarters battle I would play ‘Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear’.

Those were some good times. One of the hardest games ever made as you battle both the Nazis and game-breaking glitches. The maps in ‘Hidden and Dangerous’ are much smaller than in ‘Delta Force’ but are considerably more detailed to compensate. You can also select and control up to eight commandos and fine-tune their equipment. Furthermore, you can use an in-­game map to issue out waypoints and orders which offer up a much richer tactical experience. ‘Delta Force’ may have ropey quality, but ‘Hidden and Dangerous’ was notorious for all. Move forward and die.

Download Games Like Delta ForceForce

Stand still and die. Save your game and die. Despite the bugs, the game received acclaim and the problems were ironed out in later patches. I have very fond memories of the hard as nails gameplay back then and would recommend this title in a heartbeat. The bad news is you won’t be finding this game on GOG or any other digital distribution sites.

The good news is that. That’s right, free. Unless you’ve been living under a rock all your life, you can’t have failed to have heard of ‘Far Cry 3’. This features a massive open world environment on a tropical island that ‘Delta Force’ can only dream of. Granted, as big as the island is, engagements usually occur at close range, with ‘Delta Force’ letting you snipe enemies hundreds of metres away. There are many collectibles and side quests to find in ‘Far Cry 3’ and whilst it’s all fine and dandy having tons of content, things can often get cluttered.

‘Delta Force’ is a fine example of more is less, with it’s focused gameplay allowing gamers to pick up and play at a whim. Stealth plays an important part in ‘Far Cry 3’ allowing players to silently take out enemies when they feel like it, opening up ‘Delta Force’s’ limited gameplay. Still though, when the shooting starts the action is thick and heavy, so fans of the ‘Delta Force’ series won’t feel left out. I didn’t want to dedicate too much of my article to the following games because it’s very likely that you know about them already, being a ‘Delta Force’ fan. However, if you see one you haven’t played yet, I can assure you it’s worth checking out. ‘Delta Force 2’ (Novalogic, 1999).

‘Delta Force Land Warrior’ (Novalogic, 2000). ‘Delta Force: Task Force Dagger’ (Zombie Studios, 2002). ‘Delta Force Black Hawk Down’ (Novalogic, 2003). ‘Delta Force Black Hawk Down – Team Sabre’ (Novalogic, 2004). ‘Delta Force Xtreme 2’ (Novalogic, 2009). ‘Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising’ (Codemasters, 2009).

‘ARMA: Armed Assault’ (Bohemia, 2006). ‘ARMA 2’ (Bohemia, 2009).

Is a First-person Shooter, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by NovaLogic. It is the sixth entry in the series of Delta Force and takes place in the historical world in the 1990s during the operation in Somalia to restore the peace. The challenging missions take place in the capital Mogadishu and Jubba Valley. It offers the similar gameplay to its previous entries and focuses on outdoor combat. You can take on the role of the protagonist who is a soldier of Task Force Ranger and lead three members such as Preacher, Mother, and Huck. Your main objective is to navigate the world, fight against brutal villains to restore the peace in Mogadishu and earn experience points to enhance your abilities.

Delta Force Games

You can play alone in single-player mode or can play with over fifty players in multiplayer mode around the world simultaneously. The game centers on close quarters combat in open urban environments with heavy missions.

Games Like Delta Force Black Hawk Down

With enhanced mechanics, addictive gameplay and superb visuals, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down is the best game to play and enjoy.