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Fantom X Reason Refill Torrent

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Yamaha motif and fantom reason refills. I have a really bad motif refill that is much smaller than these ones being advertised because they sampled only 12 notes.

Reason Refill

Fantom X Reason Refill Torrent

So I've decided my stock Reason library aint cuttin it, and I came across the demo for the Fantom X Facesimilie and it sounds pretty good to me, was wondering if anybody has it so they can let me know if it's any good, thinking about gettin it. Or any better suggestions?I've mentioned it a bunch of times.usually ReFills made out of hardware synths blow, but this is one of the ones that don't. They haven't sampled the whole 88-note range though (only for the grand piano). And although it has a lot of sounds from the Fantom-X, I don't think it has all of them. All sounds are sampled 'dry' too, so you can add your own FX like reverbs and compressors in Reason.

Not close to a real fantom. A good mointoring chain will allow you to hear background noises in the samples and the velocity is waaaaayyyy off. If you want a real fantom buy one. You cannot properly emulate a synth engine by sampling it. Reason's 'sh.ty stock sounds' easily compete with a Fantom, Motif or Triton if you take the time to dig through sounds and know them. Peoples insecurities make them think they need these sounds. Professional sound designers create Refills and NNXT compatable(.sf2, AKAI,.sxt)sample libraries(the same libraries compatable with Giga, Kontakt, ESX, Halion, ect.)that surpass the sound of the Fantom by a longshot, you just have to research them.

Refill Torrent

Propellerhead reason refill torrent

Just speaking from my experience with my purchase of it(got it when I wasn't familiar with the things I just listed and thought my stock sounds couldn't cut it). Been deleted from my computer. Well there aint no way I'm gonna afford a real Fantom yet, and I'm nowhere near as good as people on here, so I aint gonna go buying £1000s worth of equipment just yet. Like I said the sounds on the demo sound good to me, and with effects and mixing should come out sounding pretty good, I'm just a beginner, and all it can do is beef up my sound collection. I'm not looking for the real thing in a Refill, coz I know it aint gonna happen, but I can get pretty close with this.

Anyway thanks for the input! And yeah the notes do have velocity (on the demo anyway).