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Find 3 Speed Manual Transmission Ford Falcon

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  1. Ford 3 Speed Manual Transmission Identification
  2. 1964 Falcon 3 Speed Transmission

Ford Falcon 3 Speed Manual Transmission For Sale FORD TOPLOADER 4 SPEED TRANSMISSION 3 SPEED OVERDRIVE TRUCK 3 OR 4 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSIONALUMINUM BELLHOUSING falcon. Need help determining which Ford In-line 6 Bell housing you have? Falcon, Maverick. The 2.77 & 3.03 three speed transmissions designations are not gear. Find great deals on eBay for Ford 3 Speed Transmission in. Ford Falcon Comet 1963 4 speed Transmission Borg. You need a Ford 3-speed manual transmission.

This is one thing I love about GM. I also have a 1977 Olds with Chevy 350 & TH350 Auto. Just about any GM block will bolt up to any GM trans manual or automatic. Hell, the new LS motors will even bolt up to the old 3 speed from a Nova!!!

Guess I will have have to wait until I get my hands on a 5.0 HO & a T5. Lfs s2 indir. Check this out. Falcon with LS!!! I might even consider the LS for my Falcon.

Low mile LS 5.3 can be had for about $600 from salvage yard! Waid You are officially a TARD in my book now. You are WRONG, not 350 trans will bolt up to an Iron Duke 2.5L chevy just like no 289 will bolt to a ford inline 6 engine.

They are different families. The 144 170 and 200 are identical, the 260 and early 289 have the same pattern, the 289 (after 64) 302 and 351W have the same tranny pattern, the 351 Cleveland 351M/400 have the same bell pattern and I think they're the same for the 429 and 460, all FE's have teh same bell pattern, If that's not compatibility then you can eat blank and stuff! LSx engines in Fords are more common than many realize. It's undeniably a very solid and capable engine family.

It appears we will be building a street turbo LS3 pushing towards 1000hp ourselves, a reasonable option Ford did not build into their modular line, and you have to go backwards to the older pushrod engines to accomplish that without a mortgage - still costing far more than an LSx version adn with less durability. Every brand has it's good and not-so-good features.

Ford 3 Speed Manual Transmission Identification


Personally I'd rather see a Falcon rumbling down the road - regardless of engine - than yet another Nova. If it weren't for the cheap and common SBC, we would have far fewer surviving '30s, '40s and '50s Fords and Mercs. That said, Waid, the Ford various bellhousings and systems are useful to size what you need to what you are doing. There is no reason to lug a BB V8 bellhousing around on a 90hp engine, or be stuck fitting linkage where it won't go.


There are even tiny bellhousings to make fitting a small block into small cars (MG Midget or similar) practical without hacking, cutting or extensive use of a sledgehammer - something not possible with 'one size fits all' GM stuff. So, while there are combinations that must be met, and it does complicate selection compared to GM stuff, the systems do give much more flexibility for size, clutch types, forks/cable/hydraulic etc. Think of it more like 'options'. Custom setups can actually be simpler, and is an attractive option to those that have done GM and MOPAR stuff for years.

You'll find doing a 5.0L/T5 setup to be far easier than a GM setup by the time you're done. BTDT, and just sayin'. Yeah, there are pros and cons to every brand. It's fine to be a purist, and it's fine to be a Frankenstein.

1964 Falcon 3 Speed Transmission

It takes all kinds to make this hobby survive. Live and let live. Now, let us all read together from the Book of Hotrods 7:24.

Keep your six and build it up.that what my son did with his 65 Falcon and he's happy with the results. Its less common to see a well built Six, people notice. Get a set of headers (next on our list), a dizzy, and a weber 2 bbl, your 90 hp motor will turn out 125-135 hp and still get gas mileage in the high 20's to low 30 mpg range with your stock rear end.

Yeah, I aint as cool as a V8, but you will spend more time behind the wheel for less money. You probably have some kind of high rear end gearing like most old small fords, 2.83 or 3.08. If you are not worried about long highway trips or gas mileage get a set of 3.55 or 3.73 gears and your little Falcon 6 will fly! I think My son's 65 Falcon 170 has 2.83 gears, a little slower off the line but cruisees nicely at 75 mph and gets somewhere near 26-27 mpg on 120 mile interstate highway trips. Check out Classicinlines, and Cliffordperformance to see what I mean. I'm not making up this stuff, they have dyno results for many different inline six setups. You can see what each mod does because they have multiple dyno runs on the same car/motor with different dizzy/carb/headers/etc.

Parts are a little less common than sb stuff, but still out there. I am planning on rebuilding the 250 in the Maverick I got today that threw a rod and split 2 pistons, if the block is rebuildable, if the block is shot, I'll swap to a 302 because it is easier to find one and is probably the easiest swap in the world.