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Gummy Loveless Album

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Akhirnya gw bikin postingan soal Gummy jg, setelah tgl 30 April kmrn dia resmi merilis mini album comebacknya ‘ Loveless‘. Miahn br skrg dibikin postingannya krn saking terpesonanya gw dgn lagu2nya Gummy di mini albumnya tsb. Semua lagunya di album tsb keren2!! Walopun scr general lagu2nya ballad, tp ga pernah bosen gw dengernya! ^^ i believe lo semua dah tau lagu2nya Gummy, jd mengenai albumnya gw cuma sekilas doang jelasin. Berikut tracklist mini albumnya tsb: Tracklist: 1. 그만 헤어져/Let’s Break Up 2.

  1. Gummy Loveless Album Download

Because Of You 3. 사랑은 없다 (There is no love) 4. 남자라서 (As A Man) 5. 어떡해/What Do I Do 6. Bigtone) Lagu utamanya adalah track ke-4 ‘ As A Man‘. MV nya dah pernah diembed ma wannyaa sbg bonus corner di kmrn, soalnya KHJ itu mrp model MVnya.

Gummy loveless album download

Tp sbnrnya sblm merilis mini albumnya, Gummy merilis 1 MV pendahuluan yaitu u/ lagu track ke-3 ‘ There Is No Love’. Bagi yg blom pernah liat, gw embed dua2nya aja deh ya MV HD ENG SUBGummy (거미) – 사랑은 없다 (There is No Love) MV HD ENG SUBGummy (거미) – 남자라서 (As A Man) with Kim Hyun Joong & Jung Ryeo Won Bagaimana??

YG Entertainment did hint at someone's comeback for April 19th and the day has arrived. YG's vocal killer Gummy is coming back with a new mini album t. Gummy loveless japanese download: User’s review: Thegummymusic views: there are no rules or guidelines on how to. 3.8k gummy – loveless (ep) (japanese) mp3 album.

Gummy released a mini album titled Loveless. A music video plus the full song of one of her tracks in the mini album was released on April 21.

Dah kecantol ma dua lagu itu?? Gw sih recommend bgt kalian denger jg lagu lainnya yg ada di mini albumnya Gummy ini. Krn baru2 ini keluar kabar kalo ternyata bbrp lagu dr mini albumnya ‘Loveless’ itu msk daftar top 10 di situs ranking Korea yg berbeda. Per tgl 5 Mei kmrn, lagu ‘As A Man’ sukses nangkring di posisi #1 di Mnet dan Dosirak, “ Because Of You‘ di posisi #2 di Cyworld, dan ‘There Is No Love’ di posisi #10 di Melon.

Selain itu ada lagu ‘ What to do‘ yg jg berprestasi di bbrp chart lainnya. Daebak bgt dah! 😀 Berikut pernyataan dr pihak YGE mengenai hal ini. “While Gummy was preparing for the album, the songs ‘There is no love’ and ‘As a man’ is to show a transformation in Gummy while ‘Because Of You’ and ‘What to do’ is the usual ballad R&B genre which Gummy will do.

This is an album that will show both Gummy’s new features as well as her usual style. We see that this may be why different songs are up popular on different album charts.” Ooo. Begitu toh pak Terima kasih atas penjelasannya. Hehehe Kbr terbaru dr Gummy, baru2 ini dia muncul di acara tvN ENEWS ‘Behind Star’.

Gummy Loveless Album Download

Di acara tsb dia diminta u/ merangking cowo2 dr YGE brdskn charm mereka. And guess what?! Se7en ada di posisi #1!! 😀. Se7en – “Of all the friends here, I know him for the longest time.

He is someone who is really optimistic. And a friend whom I can learn a lot from. And he knows how to protect a beautiful love relationship. He is a really manly friend.”. TOP – “Many people say our voices sound alike. I talked to TOP’s mother about this before and she said we sound alike and called us the ‘husky siblings’. He is a really cool friend.

He is a really loyal and thoughtful friend.”. DaeSung – “Really outstanding and talented friend. But he lacks confidence in himself. I thought it was sad, so I hope he can be more confident.”.

TaeYang – “TaeYang is really someone who only likes music. He’s really fun even though he seems like he is not a fun person. And he can be really funny sometimes, with the members.”. GDragon – “Because he is very busy, it has been quite some time back since we had a conversation. Even when we meet, we just greet each other and pass each other by.”.

SeungRi – “Very cheerful and bright. But I prefer guys who are more on the quiet/restraint side. Personally I hope he becomes a more quiet guy.”. Yang HyunSeok – “I think president should concede.

To be honest, he is a charming person. But he’s no longer available. “ Now she made me CAN NOT WAIT till Se7en’s coming back later!!

^^ Meanwhile, Gummy akan melakukan pernampilan comebacknya di MBC Music Core tgl 8 Mei nanti. Bonus corner source: K-bites+Allkpop.