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Htc P3300 Installation Software

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. GPS Pocket PC Phone Quick Start Guide Contents 1. What’s in the Box.

The GPS Pocket PC Phone. Getting Ready.

Free Installation Software

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Making a Call. Synchronizing Outlook Information. Setting Up E-mail Accounts. What’s in the Box AC Adapter USB Sync Cable GPS Pocket PC Phone Getting Started CD. The GPS Pocket PC Phone. Press to launch the GPS software.

START Button Press to open the Start menu. HTC RollR HTC RollR and Trackball. Use it for GPS navigation, scrolling, web browsing, camera zoom control and shutter release, and for mouse movement when in mouse mode. Item Function VOICE COMMAND Press to start Voice Speed Dial; press and hold to record a voice note. Button Volume Slider. Slide up or down to adjust the speaker volume. During a call, slide up or down to adjust the earpiece volume.

RESET Button With the stylus, press the RESET button to soft-reset your device. Car adapter Use it to charge the battery on your device while you are traveling in a car.

Plug it to the (HTC P3300 sync connector of your device and to the car’s cigarette lighter socket. Premium only) Car holder Use it to mount your device in a car.

Slide the SIM card holder downward to unlock it, then lightly flip it open. Pry open the memory card holder. Insert the micro SD card and the SIM card into the respective card holders, with their gold contacts facing down. (The cut-off corner of the SIM card should match the cut-off corner in the SIM card slot). Install and charge the battery New batteries are shipped partially charged. Before you start using your device, it is recommended that you install and charge the battery.

To install the battery, remove the battery cover first, and then insert the battery by aligning the exposed copper part of the battery pack with the protruding copper conductor which is on the left side of the battery slot. Check the battery power. Tap the battery level icon ( open where you can see the current battery power level. When the battery power gets very low, a warning message will be displayed. When you see this, immediately save your data by synchronizing with your PC, or save your data on a secondary storage card, and then turn off your device. Turn on your Pocket PC Phone Press POWER to turn on your device. When you turn on your device for the first time, a Quick Start Wizard will guide you through the screen calibration process and the setup of regional settings, date and time, password, Outlook e-mail, and POP3/IMAP4 e-mail accounts.


Making a Call Like a standard mobile phone, you can use your device to make, receive, and keep track of phone calls and send SMS messages. The Phone screen From the Phone screen, you can access Call History, Speed Dial, and Phone settings. To open the Phone screen, do one of the following:. Synchronizing Outlook Information Using Microsoft® ActiveSync®, you can synchronize information on your device with information on your PC, such as Outlook content. ActiveSync is already installed on your device, but you need to install it on your PC if you don’t already have it.

Epson Xp-410 Installation Software

Insert the Getting Started CD into the CD drive of your PC. PC requirement to run ActiveSync 4.x To connect your device to the PC, you must have the Microsoft® ActiveSync® program installed on your PC. ActiveSync 4.x is included in the Getting Started CD, which is compatible with the following operating systems and applications:. Setting Up E-mail Accounts The E-mail Setup Wizard makes it easy and simple to set up your Outlook e-mail and POP3/IMAP4 accounts on your device. Set up e-mail accounts using E-mail Setup Wizard Tap Start Messaging. Tap Menu Tools New Account to access the E-mail Setup Wizard. The E-mail Setup Wizard guides you step-by-step through the setup process.

Set up a POP3/IMAP4 e-mail account Set up a POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail account on your device if you have an e-mail account with an Internet service provider (ISP) or an account that you access using a VPN server connection (typically a work account). Sending a Message Your device is capable of sending and receiving E-mail, SMS, and MMS messages as long as it is connected to the network. Although you can send text messages (SMS) to only mobile phone numbers, MMS messages can be sent to both mobile phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Compose and send a message In the message list, tap Menu. Browsing the Internet You can set up connections to the Internet or to a corporate network to browse the Internet.

The pre-loaded browser, Internet Explorer Mobile, is a full-featured Internet browser, and optimized for use on your device. Use Internet Explorer Mobile Tap Start. Using the Camera Taking photos and recording video clips along with audio is easy with your device’s built-in camera.

Launch the camera. Press the CAMERA button on your device; or. Tap Start Programs Camera; or. Using Pictures & Videos The Pictures & Videos program collects, organizes, and sorts all of your captured images and video clips on your device. You can use this program to view/play pictures, GIF animation, and video clips. You can even view pictures as a slide show, beam them, send them via e-mail, edit them, or set them as the background on the.

Software Installer


Play videos Tap Start Programs Pictures & Videos. By default, the contents of the My Pictures folder will be shown. To find the video clips that you captured, tap the down arrow ( folder and tap My Documents. Next, tap My Videos. Video clips are displayed as thumbnails by default, which appear with a media icon ( Tap the desired thumbnail to play it with the built-in Windows Media Player. Entering Information When you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, the Input Panel icon becomes available on the menu bar.

Tap the Input Selector arrow (that appears next to the Input Panel icon) to open a menu where you can select a text input method and customize input options. Status Indicators The Today screen displays important information, such as upcoming appointments and status indicators. Following are some of the status icons that you may see on your device: Icon Description New e-mail or text messages; SMS notification of voice mail New multimedia (MMS) message New MSN message There are more notifications.

Icon Description Searching for phone service GPRS available GPRS connecting GPRS in use EDGE available EDGE connecting EDGE in use Roaming Connection is active Connection is not active Synchronization in progress Synchronization error ActiveSync notification Wi-Fi function enabled, but device not connected to a wireless network yet Wireless network(s) detected Connecting to wireless network (arrows moving). Icon Description Synchronizing via Wi-Fi Vibration mode Sound on Sound off Alarm No SIM card inserted Battery is fully charged Battery power is very low Battery charging Bluetooth headset detected QuickGPS update notification GPRS Monitor currently active Sprite Backup notification Serial USB connection active Note The USB to PC (. Customizing Your Pocket PC Phone You can customize the look and feel of your device and set the time and date according to the current time zone. Customize the Today screen Tap Start Settings Personal tab Today. On the Appearance tab, select the desired theme for the background of the Today screen. Securing Your Pocket PC Phone There are two kinds of security on your device.


You can protect your SIM card from unauthorized use by assigning a (Personal Identification Number). Additionally, you can prevent unauthorized access to any part of the device by using password protection. Protect your SIM card with a PIN Tap Start. More Information For more instructions, refer to the User Manual or contact your local dealer for assistance. Microsoft, MS-DOS, Windows, Windows NT, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, ActiveSync, Excel, Internet Explorer, MSN, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

You can only flash original htc rom if you don't unlock the device cid unlocking is not sim unlocking and has nothing to do with sim or provider,it just removes some locks regarding the operating system generally there are hard spl (uspl) and jump spl (or soft) hard spl - cid unlocks the device permanently jump spl - enables you to flash only one rom (for further usage you have to do the process again.but it doesn't matter right now) only hard spl (uspl) is developed for artemis and is working like charm i flashed few artemises many times and all works great. It's wm6 i'm affraid that you'll have to unlock it because unlocking is NOT required only for flashing original rom provided by htc specially for your device.

In your case htc can provide you only FRE rom so to flash WWE rom you'll have to unlock it don't be afraid of doing that.thousands did it before you without any damage to the phone unlocking is far better than bricking ( state where your device is unusable because of flashing other rom than the original -bricking is in most cases reversible,but don't play with it) still i have to say 'use at your own risk'.