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Increase File Upload Size Iis 6

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Hello and thanks for the suggestions. I have checked metabase.xml and confirmed a high enough size limit has been set in bytes. I was able to upload an 8MB file, but a colleague who also has admin rights was unable to do the same for a 12MB file. I thought it may be a timeout issue and have checked the settings in php.ini. Whereas most are set to 2700, maxexecutiontime is set to 27000.

IIS 7.5 has a max size of 2GB. ( bytes) Next, if you have URLScan installed on the server, the MaxAllowedContentLength.

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Is having such a large timeout likely to be the cause of the problems due to conflicts with other properties? To reconfirm, the error received was a FastCGI error 995. Thanks for your assistance. Hello there, Thanks for all the links and suggestions so far. I have tried all of the recommendations posted above but a solution still illudes me. My FCGIEXE.INI looks like this Where in the file do I put the variables below as i'm still getting timeout errors?