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Jce Editor For Joomla 3.0

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Oct 31, 2014 I'm running the latest JCE editor (2.4.3) on Joomla 3.3.6. 3.0 Allgemeine Fragen Installation und erste Schritte.

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JCE makes updating content, adding & formatting images, and creating links to other pages very easy. In addition to making your life easier, JCE is very well supported and easy install and update. For those who are using the default Joomla WYSIWYG editors or have not heard of JCE read on to learn more about what you are missing. Why is JCE is the Best Key Features & Benefits. Works great. Excellent support. Easy for non web technical people to use.

Easy to add and format images. Replaces the standard Joomla WYSIWYG editors. Cool JCE Plugin system for adding more editor functionality. Image caption plugin easy to install and use.

Jce Editor For Joomla 3.0

Jce Editor For Joomla 2.5

Makes linking to other Joomla articles very easy. Many configuration and customization options Advanced Link Editor The easy to use html editor interface may have brought me in the door but the advanced link editor kept me coming back.

It can be difficult and time consuming to find the exact link to a Joomla content item. JCE takes all of the hassle out with Advanced Link Editor.

The Advanced link editor allows you to browse to the item you want to link to. Once you find the item you want to link to click insert and you are done. JCE Plugins JCE has created a series of plugins that extend the functionality of JCE. Image captions,??? Are just a few.

It is this system of plugins that allows other to create code to plug into JCE. About JCE JCE or Joomla Content Editor is a replacement for one of the core Joomla WYSIWYG editors. The JCE editor component and editor plugin are free to download and use. Some of the advanced JCE plugins are available for a $30 annual subscription. ($20 to renew) While some might be down about having to pay for an extension I am not. I am happy to help support such a great extension. The subscription is only for the advanced feature while the base editor functionality remains free.

Allowing you to try out JCE for free. If you do not like it no money spent, if you do like it then you can spend the cash for the extra features, if you need them. How I found JCE When I started working with Joomla my goal was to keep everything as standardized and as close to the core as possible. This meant not installing a new WYSIWYG editor.

Worked pretty well for me a full time web designer. The problems arose when clients were working with their new sites. Most of the questions were about formatting of text and adding new images. So I tried out several of the other editors and quickly found that JCE was the editor for me.

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Download Jce Editor For Joomla

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Jce Editor For Joomla

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