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Knitting Graph Program

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  1. Knitting Graph Designer Software Programs
  2. Knitting Graph Program

. Ongoing:.


Knitting Chart Maker allows you to create knitting charts and guides on your iPhone using a very accessible paintbrush tool. Combined with saving and sharing.

KnittingKnitting Graph Program

Welcome! What have you discovered through your knitting? Share your questions and answers, triumphs and frustrations, stories and inspirations here. What have you found on the internet?

If it's fascinating, funny or useful, let us know! - New Around Here? Check out our, and. We're also on with and Please:. Be kind - and use. We're a community, not a bulletin board or marketplace.

Keep promotional content to the bi-weekly BSTP thread. Use titles that are descriptive and SFW.!@#$ at your knitting in the comments. Use care with humor.

Avoid memes/pics without a strong knitting connection. Provide commentary and background if you feel strongly about posting a 'funny.' . WIPs, unless asking for help, go in the weekly Wed.

Yarn and Stash pics go in Stash Flash Monday thread. FOs: include design and yarn info in the COMMENTS, and check back to answer questions. Put FO in brackets in your title for automatic flair. Avoid direct links to personal blogs, stores, or sites.

Linking inside text posts is usually fine, but see #2. Respect International Copyright. Do not post pictures of patterns or large sections of pattern text.

Knitting Graph Designer Software Programs

When in doubt,. Our goal: To maintain a vibrant, commerce-free haven for interaction, discovery, and growth through knitting. Promotional links, memes without a significant knitting connection, and images posted without comments or background information may be removed - but can often be posted in one of the related subs below.

Do you want to.?. Learn to knit? Try our, or. Find a pattern? Start with, we do. Get pattern suggestions? Try the.

Knitting Graph Program

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Go right ahead, as long as it's not for commercial or personal gain. Filter by flairs Still Confused? (commissioned work) (photos of yarn) (trade/barter) (spinning/dyeing) (memes & gifs) (cats, cats, cats) (links to all handcraft subs) (selling wares).