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Latest Whatsapp For Blackberry 9320 Usb

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  3. Whatsapp For Blackberry Curve

WhatsApp for BlackBerry Download BlackBerry also allows us to speak with millions of users around the world through instant messages WhatsApp for blackberry free. To enjoy all the benefits just you have to download the application on your phone through the App World and begin to chat with all your contacts. WhatsApp is the most popular and most accessed communication app of our time. It has changed the way we look at messaging forever.

Download the latest version of BlackBerry® 10 OS to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to discover new features, optimized battery life and more. WhatsApp for BlackBerry 9300 achieved to turn this mid-range smartphone into an instrument that will allow us to be all day in touch with family and friends.

And it is only but a matter that we all need access to WhatsApp for our daily means of communication. People do not make calls or send texts these days, they WhatsApp.

In fact, this app has become so popular across the world that it is often used as a verb instead of a pronoun. So let’s find out some more cool stuff about this app. And then there will be a complete tutorial for getting this application to run on your Blackberry mobile or tablet.

WhatsApp: Since the launch in 2010, the app has seen hugely welcome by the population across the countries. And within a matter of six years, it has reached a record number of active users. There are more than one billion users registered with this service right now. Now that’s something, isn’t it? Also Read: Features: The core to the popularity of any app is their set of features.

WhatsApp, being a communication app, can really boast about their chat service. To begin with, app works independently without having to use an account. It is entirely based on the contact number of the user, generally the mobile number. And thus, it also becomes easier for people to communicate. WhatsApp Chat: The main component of the app is chat. The users can send messages to any another WhatsApp user across the world for free. As long as they have their number that is.

Also, there are much more to the chat than just text messages. You can send text messages as IMs.

In addition to this, you can also send multimedia files. Any audio, video or image files can be sent and viewed thereafter in WhatsApp. It also includes the option for sharing more. You can record voice notes using the app and send them to other users. You can also share contact information, your current location with others.

Latest Whatsapp For Blackberry 9320 Usb

One of the recent updates also included the option of sending documents which was not there before. Thus, it makes it the complete solution for all your communication needs.

Voice Call: Another feature that is worthy of mentioning is the voice call feature. All users can make free calls to other users using this option. It is completely free and dependent on the internet connection. The users have reviewed this voice call option to be quite good. It just needs a stable connectivity to the internet. It works the best when you are using a stable 3G network or WiFi. However, the voice quality breaks in 2G network sometimes.

You just need to have the contact number of that person to make the call. And even if they are in another country, the call is free.

Blackberry 9320 Curve

Another thing to note is that you can not access numbers like 911 or other similar emergency numbers from this call. But that’s only a small glitch to an otherwise great calling experience. Other features: There are way too many features to talk about when it comes to WhatsApp. But due to the lack of space and limitation, I will only brief you to some of them. And after this section, you will get a detailed step to step instruction on how to get the application installed on your Blackberry mobile or tablet. The other noteworthy features are the security measure. WhatsApp comes with an end-to-end encryption which makes sure that all the data that you share with others are safe.

With this mode, even the WhatsApp servers are not able to store any of the information that you exchange. And it is only but obvious that it has group chat features. You can add as many as 200 people to a group. In addition to this, the group chat option has the same features as the normal one on one chat box. To find out more features, you should just use the app. Downloading Whatsapp for BlackBerry is free?

Whatsapp For Blackberry 10

Downloading the application is free for BlackBerry users too. Also Read: How to install whatsapp for blackberry phone? There are two safe ways to download WhatsApp in our BlackBerry phones. The first, and simplest, is through App World, the BlackBerry application store. Once found in the BlackBerry store, just we have to download and mobile automatically handle installation. The second option is equally safe, but is more expensive. Within the website of the application, WhatsApp Inc.

Whatsapp For Blackberry Curve

Website, can download WhatsApp to our blackberry terminal. Also Read: Customize WhatsApp Messenger on BlackBerry If you are someone who enjoys reflecting your mood to your profile picture or status phrase, WhatsApp lets you do that and change it as often as you update. You can customize your photo, your mood and even the name given to your contacts. Also Read: And best of all, you yourself can choose who can see all this information. Thanks to the privacy options you get people who do not have in contacts can not see, like they can not do your blocked contacts. How to add contacts to WhatsApp? WhatsApp contacts that shows you on your contact list extract them from your address book. The only requirement to appear on your list is that they also have installed the application on your terminal. However you can block contacts from your list if you want to talk with them. To do this you only have to press the Options button and then “Block New Contact” to select the person you want to block. To view blocked contacts, go to “Privacy Settings”.