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Multifox For Chrome

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  • Help Looking for add-on most similar to 'Multilogin' from Chrome. Each Firefox tab, managed by Multifox, accesses an account without interfering each other.'
  • Mar 04, 2010 ID-profile feature is needed for Chrome browser. I like the way how Multifox treats web accounts for Firefox browser. I'd like also to have an option to.

Multifox, free and safe download. Multifox latest version: Log into multiple online accounts at the same time. Multifox is a free FireFox extension that fools your.

So, yesterday Firefox Developer Edition gave me the option to activate this new feature called Multi-Process (you can read more about it here: ). Upon activating, I noticed that the profiles stopped working. Simply enough, I have two tabs, with different profiles, different Facebook accounts. Since I activated that feature, even though Multifox clearly shows that in one he is on the Default Profile and the other is in another profile, which for the sake of conversation I'll call it Profile 1, the same account appears on both tabs. Even if I log out in Profile 1 and log in in the other account, the moment I refresh the Default Profile it appears like they're the same profile and the other account appears logged there. Deactivating Multi-Process makes Multifox work again.

Version used: Multifox 3.2.1 with Firefox Developer Edition 40.0a2 (2015-05-16). releases Firefox version of extension after my feature request, so at now we can use it. Also Firefox developers tells that they expose ContextualIdentityService and containers as WebExtension APIs and we would do extensions for change tab profile with actions like this:. a context menu entries for changing container. take the URL of the selected tab.

Multifox alternative

Multifox Download

open a new tab in the same position of the old one, using the new container ID. close the previous tab., will you can write easy extension as alternative to Multifox in future, when WebExtension API will be available?

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Multifox For Chrome

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Multifox Alternative

Multifox For Chrome

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