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Nokia 9210 Software Update

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This page has some general information about the applications that are made for Nokia 92xx models. GAMES Icon Name Description Screenshots A Doom port made by Hannu Viitala. The port is based on Sam Lantinga's SDL Doom which uses the Simple Directmedia Library (SDL) for its drawing purposes. CDoom doesn't have sound, but is still quite playable. It supports doom1.wad, doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad and doomu.wad.

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Another Doom port, this time by a British software house Wildpalm. In contrary to CDoom, it uses duplicated X pixels (looks worse), has sound and some extra features, such as selecting which mission the user wants to start from. A magnificent platform game. Just like in any other Rayman, the texture details are really high, the animations are smooth and the sound environment is compelling.

Are there new features implemented? New Software? Nokia 9210 + Firmware updates Hi, I am planning on getting a 9210 as soon as my financial situation allows.

  1. From Twiddlebit Software. Please submit your review for Plan for Nokia 9210. This submission will be added as an update to your original review.
  2. A basic chess game by Purple Software with nice changeable board layouts and. Nokia 9210 is one of the few models to enable recording calls without.

A fishing game by Digital Red. The goal is to advance and earn more and more money by winning competitions where there are three other participants competing against you. The graphics are very nice because the water also has some movement. The user can choose from three different baits. I don't mean to brag, but I rule in this game 8-) A nicely done basic poker game which utilizes the Communicator's screen perfectly.

Nokia-made ski jumping game; really addictive but resource hungry. An unexpectedly well made bowling game by Digital Red.

Great graphics. A basic chess game by Purple Software with nice changeable board layouts and variable difficulty. I beat the CPU first, but then it went berserk and ate me alive. A Tekken-like fight-to-the-KO game. Beautiful graphics and all that, but the one thing missing is the music. A role-playing game where the player is a knight in armor, supposedly he's going to kill a dragon at the end? Now there's a title: it says exactly what this app is about.

Iphone Software Update

It's a fast-paced space shooter, and it's quite a good one, considering that it's supposed to be a showcase of game programming for Communicators. Kenny Guy is the developer. You bet against a horse and if you're lucky, you'll make some money. Search for a group of balls of the same color and plop them. I was very addicted to this game once. A Magic Game Station game.

You can play Tetris and few of its spinoffs with this as it contains four minigames. The self-explanatory, ancient card game with some anime art. By Limited. A nice arcade game, although it's a pity Noumena Studios didn't make a full screen edition for Communicators. We've all played this on Windows. It sucks when you pop that tile that 'definitely isn't a bomb square', and BOOM. I assume VR stands for Virtual Reality, and that's what this is: a quite playable pool game for mobile phones.

You can also choose some music to be played on the background. Nerve-wrecking arcade action game with really nice graphics. We all lose in this game in some point, but it's really fun to play.

A soccer game by Kuju Entertainment/ Nokia. A golf game by Rage Software/ Nokia.

This is an isometric adventure game. You play as a woman who slays monsters.

A snowboarding game by Springtoys/ Nokia. The graphics are PS1-like, so not a bad piece of entertainment there. The controls are bad, though. The VB in the title stands for Virtually Board. You have to push boxes to their predefined goal spots. Simple but very addicting.

The Communicator's screen is not the best one for a solitaire game, and that's why this game is a bit pain to play. You play as an action hero who flies a hornet, fighting the evil planes in the sky. Really nice options screen and otherwise great artwork, but the game looks like some Sega Master System game.

Nokia 9210

Nice try, but really a disappoinment. A simple Tetris game by Steve Litchfield. Great game art. The game of blackjack. Successfully made for Communicators. This is probably the best game there is for Communicators.

There are also two additional level packs that are really, really difficult! You play as a bulldozer driver who takes care of rusty cars in the lot. A game that contains six different card games: Klondike, Golf, Shifting, Aces Up, Nestor and Trusty Twelve. A Tetris clone. Best played when the Communicator is held in the awkward portait position. You fly a plane and move it around the sky, dodging the enemy hornets and their bullets.

Another good way to playing Gameboy Advance ROM games is to get a DS Flash Card and a EZ-Flash 3-in-1 Expansion Pack that adds GBA ROM support. Play GBA ROMs on Gameboy Micro, GBA SP. Aug 18, 2008 I've got a nintendo ds NOT LITE. I use a ttds or dstt and nintendo ds games work fine however regular gameboy games don't work even though i. Nov 15, 2008 does anyone know if you can play GBA roms on a dstt flashcart and if so how? Sep 16, 2008 no there is nothing you can download to play GBA games on the dstt. Since the dstt is a slot 1 card it lacks the required RAM to play GBA games. So the only way to play GBA games is to buy a slot 2 card like the ezflash 3in1. You also need the Slot 2 emulator. You need to buy that before playing GBA games. Jul 25, 2009 I'm new - I got my DS yesterday - so can I actually play GBA roms on my DSTT card?I tried downloading some GBA loader and got Super mario advance, but. How to play gameboy games on pc.

Don't touch those borders! And be careful not to get in the enemies' way! Quite playable minigolf game in 3D world. It's Civilization. In your 92xx! MULTIMEDIA This one is the most capable one out there. It's possible to watch an upscaled video of the form 160 x 96 pixels @ 7,5 fps with this thing.

This is for making your own music and ringtones. Just copy some piano sheet music in this and you'll be amazed! It also has a recorder in which you can make the pitch higher, alter the speed and make some other effects. A GIF image viewer. UTILITIES An application to store your personal data in. Code Vault can be used to store passwords, contacts, credit card information, just to name a few.

It of course offers an option to set a password for the database of sensitive information. A CPU usage monitor which shows a nice graph as well as the current usage percent. A really good astronomy software; it shows the star chart, current moon phase, Sun-lit areas of the globe etc. A task managing program; very effective and lightweight.

Associates with PRC files and shows their content. A useful one. A simple molar mass calculator for chemistry geeks like myself. An editor for the BASIC-like language OPL. Really recommended to learn if you're into programming.

This one simply reboots the phone, clearing the RAM memory, which is useful to do from time to time. A navigation software, probably the only one for this device. For other than a Finnish roadtripper it's useful because it only covers the main roads here. Central Europe and UK are covered very well. This one is a top program for a power user - it shows the new messages, calls, appointments, task etc., all in just one screenful of information! A small IRC client, though a bit up in the air. The program has to be launched from its installation folder, and it doesn't have a fancy UI, but it works!

I tested it on my ISP's IRCnet server on October 2009, and the bloody thing connected. It was nice to chat with others via the DLR-2L serial cable connection with staggering 115,200 bps. This is the app that will save you from those unwanted calls. This is a weird one - and certainly not in a bad way. This application lets you make a custom logo for those monochrome phones, including the one on the cover of your 9210!

Software Update

Celesta mBusiness Oy really did an amazing job because this can also be used to make picture messages, CLI icons and flash SMSs. Really deep programming there, boys. Here's another wacky app. It lets the user change the color scheme - I don't know how it does that but with it you can make your Communicator look really, really sick.

Contains a countdown timer, a planner, a startup timer, a talking clock and a stopwatch. Definitely an app for all your timely needs.

A database manipulation application. Simple and effective. An aperitif database. This is a 'port' to open all kinds applications developed with the AppForge tool. Check your biorhythm with this.

It asks for your birthday and show all kind of fancy data about your current mood etc. A timer app, just like Time Tool. Includes a reminder, a timer, an alarm, a stopwatch, a desk clock and a world clock.

A quick notepad for making e.g. A shopping list. Want to control the device with voice commands? No problem, just fire this app up and you're ready to go. Some calculators and tools a dermatologist could use. EPOC dialog example.

A Euro conversion tool. A Euro conversion tool as well, this time the title is in Finnish. Are there any English ones? With this you can create folders in the Extras group.

Really handy when you have over 50 apps like me. This is a very usable application: you can use it to automatically record every call you make. Nokia 9210 is one of the few models to enable recording calls without letting out the BEEP sound, so you can record all calls without the other party knowing about it. Doesn't do much as it's an example of application for checking returned cars. This was a demo application for Mobile Integrator (a rapid development tool) by KI AG.

Allows you to create a database of business clients. This demo version contains three sample accounts, and one of them is named 'James Bond'. Wasn't too hard to figure out the password for that one:) A beautifully running full screen clock. The 6 in the title stands for EPOC v6 (well, technically Symbian OS v6.0) which is the one 92xx uses.

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