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Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

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Pinchcliffe Grand Prix

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix Poster

The restoration work in connection with the DVD release of the Pinchcliffe Grand Prix movie, and some of the, was two years in making. Never before have the films been presented with such acclaimed quality, stability, sharpness and depth of colour. In this edition, every single scene has been painstakinly adapted for the new widescreen TV format (16:9). To prevent the normal loss of image information in such a process we even have - we believe as the only film production company in the world - manually and artistically enlarged the original picture with new pictorial information in all the scenes that we felt needed such time consuming treatment!

The soundtracks have also been enhanced and remixed in Dolby Digital 5.1. The story of bicycle repair man Theodore Rimspoke and his two trusty friends and assistants, the optimist Sonny Duckworth and the pessimist Lambert, has been a familiar and cherished part of Norwegian culture for more than 30 years now. Their many fantastic adventures in building the unique Il Tempo Gigante, not to mention the incredible speed-crazed race track, have been a family-friendly experience for generations.

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix Trailer

So, enjoy the film's many qualities, both old and new, in company with Sheik Abdul Ben Bonanza and his bodyguard and private chauffeur Emanuel Desperados, Rudolph Gore-Slimey and his clairvoyant assistant, Eleazer Cassandra, as well as all the.

Pinchcliffe Grand Prix English

I just bought this and watched it again for the first time in 10 years, such great memories, it is truly a timeless piece of art by Caprino. The humor hits all levels for all generations, every detail has been considered in its making. I heard when it came out on DVD in Norway it shattered a lot of DVD records, anyone know when/if it is going to be released in US? My bootleg DVD copy I bought on ebay is nice, but would love a version that had some history on the film. I'll never forget how my father would get my brother and I so riled up by insisting this was the time that Gore Slimy was going to win. Everyone who likes to cheer for an underdog should find a way to watch this film.