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Schaller Floyd Rose Intonation Tool

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Setting the intonation on a Floyd Rose can be a frustrating and time-consuming business. If you do it without the right tool. If you loosen the allen screw, the bridge saddle has a habit of slipping forward, and there's a lot of trial and error involved.

It's not surprising that I see lots of guitars with a 'that will have to do' setup. This tool is essential to an accurate setup.

Schaller Floyd Rose Intonation Tool

Nothing's THAT fast when setting up a Floyd Rose, but you can set intonation much more quickly and accurately than doing it manually. Slacken the string (remembering to loosen the locking nut first), and then slip the lugs between the back of the bridge and the fine tuner as shown in the illustration. Tighten the screw until it begins to grip. This ensures that the bridge saddle won't slip forward when you slacken its allen bolt.

Allparts The Key Floyd Rose Intonation Tool

Schaller Floyd Rose Intonation ToolAllparts

Floyd Rose Intonation Tool

You can then adjust the intonation, tightening the Key's knurled ring to move the saddle back if the string was sharp or slackening it to move the saddle forward if it was flat. Re-tune the string and check, if necessary repeating the process. Then do the same on the other strings, re-tighten the locking nut and fine tune as necessary. A few notes of warning: Don't try adjusting with the string up to tension - you need to slacken, adjust, re-tune.

Work on one string at a time and only loosen one bridge saddle at a time. And - most important - this is for genuine Floyd Rose tremelos only - it won't work on Ibanez Edge, Ibanez Lo-Profile, or Schaller locking tremolos.

Jan 23, 2011 Schaller Floyd Rose intonation points. Adjusting Intonation on a Floyd Rose-Equipped Guitar.