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Stereology Software

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  1. Stefan A Tschanz
Stereology cell count software

Visiopharm contributes to the succesful development of new drugs, by realizing the full potential of quantitative image analysis in drug discovery and development. Stereology is the three-dimensional interpretation of two-dimensional cross sections of materials or tissues. It provides practical techniques for extracting.

Stefan A Tschanz

Stereotopix™ Basic Research Basic research uses quantitative microscopy in many ways with the goal of producing high quality, quantitative results to support the development, submission, and award of grants and publications. Principal Investigators often need to obtain unbiased structural information (volume, area, length, and numbers) from many types of tissue and from images created on a variety of different modalities. Stereotopix™ will provide laboratories with an ultra-flexible stereology software to support the requirements of basic research. The implementation of digital pathology with quantitative image analysis will create a new workflow allowing the pathologists to focus on fundamental task while alleviating tedious and repetitive work. The paradigm shift creates new roles: Operators ensure the proper and timely virtualization of slides followed by the initiation of automated image analysis algorithms. The quantified results are then available and validated by the expert Reviewer. Designers are free to fabricate new or existing algorithms to answer novel research questions and interrogate tissue deeper.

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