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Tales Of Pirates Private Server

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Tales of Pirates will be closing, but don't despair, there are many more terrific games from IGG! Have a look at our list of incredible games along with the rewards we prepared for you when you transfer to any one of them.

  1. Tales Of Pirates Private Server

We hope you'll find the same joy Tales of Pirates gave you in your new game. A strange move considering Angels Online just received a new patch titled the Save Florentia on Jan 28, 2016, just 3 days after the Tales of Pirates closure announcement. It seems obvious that Angels Online, another client based fantasy MMORPG, would be more appealing to ToP players than a mobile poker or tower defense game.

May 11, 2016 Hey there guys! As I have said, this is the list of ToP private servers list for may 2016. I'll be adding here any private server. Tales of Pirates We list the best Tales of Pirates sites on the net in more tan 55 categories. Links to various fun gaming sites, private servers, including mmorpg. Mystical Pirates Online Brand New Private Server Tales of Pirates Private Server. Rates: 20x Solo 25x party 7000x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly GMs, Events Weekly Come Join Us Now.

Despite the recent patch, it seems the writing is on the wall for Angels Online. This sucks, I was planning on going back to the game one day.

Played it when it opened for about 4 years on the Coral server. I only quit because most of my guild was banned (not even sure exactly why) and I eventually I fell for one of those hack bait maggots and I lost all of my things. At least I didn't spend anything in the mall though! Since I quit I played private servers on and off until 2012.

Tales of pirates private server guideTales Of Pirates Private Server

Got tired of them closing and reopening. But they should be booming now, maybe I'll be back sooner than I thought! I hope they will reopen the game. When it was transferred greedy people destroys the game. From top 1 Who loves hexathon? XD the sashimi and the ores people are making good money in a very simple way. Too many chats and conversation.

Tales Of Pirates Private Server


TOP 2 made it more great. I love Dark swamp 😀 this game showing much essence on making friends online. Not like other MMORPG with great graphics. All about boobs and butts. I dont know what to say. I am 24 now but i am still craving that one day they will relive the game. Please please.

They never saw the potential of the game. As a new player, myself, i would recommend to play this sever as it provides top quality service that would improve the environment. Not only is that a place to level up or pvp but there are great players who are willing to help around and the guides provided by the players are vivid. We are chatty in the community media platform too! You will never get lost in the game for sure and it emits friendly environment as well.

It will be challenging at first but gradually, u would enjoy the game once you are enhanced. There are many places to explore such as dungeons and seas. You don't need to buy cash to be a pro, farming/obtaining golds in the game are easy if you are willing to put in the effort. I assure you that Gms are active if difficulty arises as help needed. The events held by Game Masters are totally enjoyable. Overall it is a pleasurable experience.

Come and try it out! Trust me, you will not regret it:). Take the advice from a new player like me! Thats right, I was playing top when it was entering the market. Recently I was trying to start my adventure again and I found a great server Pirate King Online. As soon as I started a new carise memories came back. The server is just like the old top 2 but with some updates and little upgrades.

From what I experienced people are open and really helpful, we have our own discord community, where players share their thoughts about the game. I would recommend PKO to anyone searching for a game just like the old top!

6 years running! 20x Solo 25x Party 7000x pet exp. New Features, New Glows, New NPCs, New Maps, Friendly and Nice Staff, New Class Balances! Max level is now 175! 4th Rebirth System! Awesome Apparels!

A bunch of PvP Arenas! Brand New Skills! Newest features 'Tower of Terror ', 'Raids ', 'In game Shop ' 'Pet orbs ' 'Guild Upgrades ' 'Guild Wars ' 'Guild Buffs '! Secure as can be! Game Backed up 8 times per day, characters backed up every single hour! Never loose your character 's data!

Website: Forum: http:/. Server Rates: HAMACHI SERVER -Help us not to be hamachi server =) Max Lvl: 150 Max Pet Lv: 120 Solo-Exp Rate: 20x Party Exp Rate: 40x Drop Rate: 25x Fairy Growth: 500x Server Features & Informations Maps: new Argent City Shaitan City Icicle Village Dream City Region of Demons Astral City Haunted Forest Dungeon PK NightmarePK Chaos Argent Chaos Icicle Demonic World (1-2) Dark Swamp (1-3) Arena (1-3) Circle of Death Gems: Black Dragon Gems: Can obtain by killing BD Mobs Azrael Gem: Can obtain by killing BD mobs/Bosses/Win Maps Great Gems. Audi s6 manual transmission swap.