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Volunteer Programs In Gujarat

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Everything you need to volunteer in India! Use GoAbroad to find programs, reviews, interviews, scholarships, advice, & more. LAKSHYAM a leading volunteer organization in India, providing safe and affordable volunteering programs in India. We also provide residential volunteering work.

For centuries, the Indian subcontinent has attracted travellers from around the world by the immense complexity and cultural depth which it promises. Long the home of great civilizations and mighty sultanates, today’s India is still a powerful nation, yet in a state of flux. Beset by both tremendous promise and nagging challenges of poverty and development, the country continues to find its footing in the 21st century global landscape. To volunteer abroad in India is to help impactful development efforts take shape, while in turn experiencing life in one of the world’s largest, deepest, and most diverse nations. With over 1.2 billion citizens, India is more populous than any other single continent on earth, save Asia where it resides.

The country is sheltered by the Himalayas to the north and the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and Bay of Bengal to the west, south, and east respectively. India also shares land borders with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. With some 22 million people living in its metropolitan area, the capital city of is the first choice of many for where to volunteer abroad in India. Delhi is a landlocked city straddling the banks of the Yamuna river in the northwestern regions of the country. To the southwest on the coast of the Arabian Sea lays, India’s largest city and commercial capital, and an equally promising destination where to find volunteer projects in India. Harboring over 50 cities with a population of at least 1 million people (and a large demographic continuing to reside in the as well), you won’t suffer from lack of options while deciding where to volunteer abroad in India. Other locations beyond India’s two premier cities where your might look to volunteer in India include, and.

Projects & Placements. While India has taken important and effective strides to combatting poverty over the past few decades, it still remains an endemic problem across the country, as roughly a quarter of the population continues to reside below the international poverty line.

Most volunteer programs in India will be oriented towards alleviating the harshest side-effects of poverty for India’s poorest citizens, while also providing valuable social services they otherwise may not have access to. Some of the most popular fields within this spectrum by which to volunteer abroad in India include, and. You might be placed at a health clinic, local school, or orphanage, for example, helping provide care and relief for those who could not otherwise afford it.

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Within a more activist line of work, many international aspirants also choose to volunteer abroad in India within fields such as, and. The potential fields by which to volunteer abroad in India are vast, as are the locations and types of projects therein; what else would you expect from a diverse nation of 1.2 billion people? Some volunteer programs in India last as short as just a, while others can last up to or over a. Costs & Affordability. You might have the option to select from a variety of different accommodations while you volunteer abroad in India. Homestays are a particularly popular form of housing for international volunteers, which can provide you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself within Indian family life. Group housing or independent apartments are also popular setups while volunteering abroad in India.

Keep in mind that living standards vary significantly between urban and rural India, as well. You will usually need to obtain a visa in order to volunteer abroad in India, a process which your international program or local project will typically help guide you through. Whether you will need a tourist or employment visa depends on your home country, the intended length of your stay, and what line of work you will be volunteering in; you can check out our for more specific visa information as it applies to you.

Benefits & Challenges. Whatever you think you know about India prior to volunteering abroad, drop it.

Throughout the entire duration of your program the country will never cease to surprise you in heartwarming, heartbreaking, and sometimes outright confusing ways. With such a massive population to compete with, there are millions of citizens in India that continue to go overlooked or unprovided for; as a volunteer abroad, you can help aid the outreach. Travelling to volunteer abroad in India will instill in you a valuable global perspective, as you will often be working among the nation’s poorest citizens. Especially if you have not travelled outside of the developed world, it will be a powerfully eye-opening experience. If you are considering embarking on a volunteer abroad program in India, then stop considering, and do it. It is an experience that will change your life, and the lives of those whom you work to help support.

. Likes. BURLINGTON, MA—The Desai Foundation, a Boston-based non-profit organization focused on India and the United States, has partnered with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar to develop student and faculty-run volunteer program in the Indian state of Gujarat. The focus of the Desai Foundation, which empowers communities through health and education, has been on communities with which they are familiar – namely Metro Boston, Harlem, New York, and Gujarat, India. To date, Desai Foundation has served over 72,530 people in India, and over 62,630 people in the United States through their various programs in health, hygiene, education and livelihood programs. For many years, the Foundation has been working with Columbia University’s Community Impact, an umbrella organization run by students across many disciplines to serve the Harlem and Morningside Heights community where Columbia University resides.

Every year, 900 students volunteer to serve 9,000 individuals in 25 programs in surrounding areas. A group of students from IIT Gandhinagar was drawn to the Desai Foundation work after they saw partnership between the Desai Foundation and Columbia University; they wanted to know how they could apply this model with the work of the Desai Foundation and its partners on the ground in the three community development centers, which serve up to 50 surrounding villages in Gujarat. Samir Desai, founder and chairman of the Desai Foundation, said that his organization has been thrilled to participate in the expansion of the program at IIT Gandhinagar. Originally, the program focused on helping to build a better future for the families of workers on their campus to those living in the surrounding villages in Gujarat. “We are proud that NYASA now in addition to helping the workers and their families, also serves the surrounding villages of IIT Gandhinagar,” Desai said. Sudhir Jain, Dr.

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Achal Mehra, along with many students and faculty leaders have been instrumental in making this vision a success.” On February 6th, IIT Gandhinagar, in conjunction with Desai Foundation, held their first Bal Health Mela, serving 1,400 residents from two surrounding villages and construction workers. Each of the attendee received a general physical – including eye exam, diabetes check and dental exam. For nearly all of these 1,400 patients, this was the first time they had ever seen a doctor.

They were able to distribute 400 eye glasses to those in need, which will help increase levels of socio-economic stability. For Children, all that were identified as malnourished were provided with life-saving protein powder.


The children also participated in hygiene lessons and games – helping to establish clean practices to lead healthier lives. Attendees participated in a raffle to receive one of 30 Smoke-Free Cooking Stoves. Gupta, Health Commissioner of Gujarat, kicked off the Mela with the official inauguration. Outside of the many volunteers from IIT Gandhinagar, there were 50 Student Volunteers from MS University Baroda, IIPH Gandhinagar, a Government Medical College, and Gandhinagar. “This shows the strength of IIT leadership to bring together the entire community to serve the greater good,” Desai said. “This partnership with IIT Gandhinagar is so important to us.

We do a lot of work on the ground to help uplift those in rural India, but it is equally as important to ensure young generations who will be the leaders of tomorrow understand their responsibility to their communities – helping to develop their sense of duty. We are optimistic and energized for this program to grow.”.