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Handy Animated Emoticons (HAE.exe). Handy Animated Emoticons allows you to insert more than 500 smileys and emoticons while writing emails or chatting with. Oct 29, 2017 Handy Animated Emoticons (HAE.exe). Handy Animated Emoticons allows you to insert more than 500 smileys and emoticons while writing emails or chatting with.

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Free Funny Emoticons for MSN Messenger and other IM programs are one of the most popular types of emoticons among all age groups. Young and old enjoy complementing their Instant messaging texts with colorful funny animated emoticons and smileys.

Animated Emoticons For Email

We have created the largest and the absolute best collection of cute and funny emoticons and smileys suited to every occasion and event for you. You can browse through the many different categories such as funny text emoticons, dancing emoticons, funny rude emoticons and more. Just make sure you visit our funny emoticons section regularly to download the latest additions to our collection, we're always trying to outdo ourselves by adding even funnier emoticons. You can also use our free funny emoticons in a lot of other places. All of the funny smileys are compatible with MySpace IM and other chat programs. The emoticons comes with HTML codes so that you can use them in MySpace, comments, forums, BB, and etc.

Funny MSN Emoticons When MSN Messenger added animated emoticons, there was a flood of brand new emoticons and funnies. The animation capabilities allowed for much more detailed and creative emoticons to be created and used. Today, funny emoticons are one of the most common emoticon types for Windows Live Messenger, and new ones are constantly being created. These emoticons are mostly called Funny MSN Emoticons and are sized at around 50x50 pixels.

Huge graphical advancement in recent years, has also given grounds to animation artists to create the most amazing and eye-catching funny emoticons or smilies using the latest in animation technology. Using the Smileys Everyone has a different sense of humor, so what you might find funny, someone else may not. We do our best to add funny emoticons that suit a range of tastes. On our website you can rate and post comments about our icons, so if you find an emoticon that you feel is the funniest, be sure to let everyone know. Have you got a good funny emoticon? If you do, you can submit it and share it with the other users.

Even though we've already mentioned all the about animated emoticons, we'll say it one more time: An animated emoticon can really help make your jokes and humor even funnier. Funny emoticons can also be great for cheering someone up and making them feel better. If your friends are down and upset, try sending them some of our hilarious emoticons and see if you can make them laugh! You would never use most of these emoticons in a serious situation or with serious people, it would send the wrong message. Using the same emoticons everyday can also get quite boring, so try to keep things fresh by regularly getting new emoticons. This is why we're always updating the site with brand new emoticons and smileys in just about every category, you can always find something new here at the Sherv.NET emoticon section!

Funny MSN emoticons can make your Instant messenger buddies laugh and you'll have even more fun during your chats. Funny msn smileys are your best tool to spice up your chat conversation, email communications, forum discussion boards avatars and posts, MySpace profiles, blogs or even your office text documentations. You can add humor to your text messages easily by using funny smilies which are related to the subject of your conversation. You can customize your text according to your personal style and add your own special touch to them. Even More Emoticons If you like having lots of fun and humor in your chats, then you should also download some of our LOL, they're perfect for sending LOL.

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We've also got funny and rude emoticons, these smileys are also 'funny' but a little bit on the rude side, try there. And remember: We never ask our users to pay to install our smileys, all of our animated emoticons are free to download.